Mommy said, this book is about me
Chance was surprised when Mommy and Auntie Charlotte told him that a book will soon to be published in about two-three  months. It is a book about him, and, children like him will enjoy reading it. It is titled: SPECIAL DELIVERY – Home At Last.  He got so excited that he requested to show his friends how the book will look like. Well, how can Mommy say no to this sweet little scamp? 
What he doesn’t know is, this is just a prelude to the up-coming series “The Mis-Adventures Of Chance”. Mommy and Auntie Charlotte who wrote the book, will surprise him again as soon as his next book will come out of the press. It will be an enjoyable reading experience for both moms, dads, and little kids! 

4 thoughts on “SPECIAL DELIVERY – Home At Last

  1. With the overwhelming LIKES and comments on Chance’s Facebook page, it was easy to see this little fellow was a candidate for a book series. He is such a little charmer that everyone who meets him falls instantly in love!


  2. We spoke with our illustrator today and all is going well for book two in the” mis-Adventures of Chance” series! We just never know what this little guy is going to do next, but it’s sure to lead to a fun-filled series of books every child will be begging for!


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