It’s been two weekends already.
Why is the rain waiting for
Saturday and Sunday,
To pour down as heavy as can be?
Tako, Markus, Maximus, and me
We can’t go out in the garden and play.
And when will the winter cold go away,
And the sun will shine, to brighten my day?

Who do I ask
To drive the rainclouds away?
Who do I ask
To bring back the blue sky for me to see?
Who do I ask
To give me just one sunny day
So that together, you and me
Can stay in the garden all day.
You can smell your roses, and
I can play.





I know the sweetest Little Man

His mommy named him Chance

He came and stole all our hearts

All it took was just a glance


His funny nose and happy smile

And the tricks he sometimes plays

They make us laugh when we’re sad

And brighten up our days


-All Rights Reserved-Little Chef

C.J. Rains 9-6-2014



CHANCE is a playful little boy,

A football is his favorite toy.

He dreams to run and roll on the grass,

To catch the ball when someone throws a pass


The best friends that he loves so dear,

Their names are Tako, Buck, and Tumbler.

Henrietta the elephant never ever gets tired,

Always ready to give Chance a ride.


Every night before he goes to bed,

He has his favorite book to read.

He says his prayers and says good night,

To all his friends, and then sleeps tight.

Playing with my friends