Who is Chance?

Who is Chance?

He came into our lives on a bright summer day. He didn’t by way of a hospital. And he wasn’t dropped on our doorstep by a stork. No! He was flown in on a huge airplane! And we instantly fell in love with our little bundle of joy. Since he arrived, he has touched the lives of both young and old. He is called “Sweet Little Man, Little Scamp, and the Little Rascal.” But his name is CHANCE.


Chance’s Books for Kids!

Chance has already 2 Children’s Books published!

. Special Delivery: Home At Last

. The Mis-Adventures of Chance: Mommy’s Little Helper

Grab a copy or copies via on-line at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and other Book store chains in the U.S. and abroad.

Wow! And here’s another good news! Chance’s third book is on the illustration process, and will soon join the other two books in your shelves. How cool is that???!!!



I know the sweetest Little Man

His mommy named him Chance

He came and stole all our hearts

All it took was just a glance


His funny nose and happy smile

And the tricks he sometimes plays

They make us laugh when we’re sad

And brighten up our days


-All Rights Reserved-Little Chef

C.J. Rains 9-6-2014



CHANCE is a playful little boy,

A football is his favorite toy.

He dreams to run and roll on the grass,

To catch the ball when someone throws a pass


The best friends that he loves so dear,

Their names are Tako, Buck, and Tumbler.

Henrietta the elephant never ever gets tired,

Always ready to give Chance a ride.


Every night before he goes to bed,

He has his favorite book to read.

He says his prayers and says good night,

To all his friends, and then sleeps tight.

Playing with my friends




                          Mommy said, this book is about me
Chance was surprised when Mommy and Auntie Charlotte told him that a book will soon to be published in about two-three  months. It is a book about him, and, children like him will enjoy reading it. It is titled: SPECIAL DELIVERY – Home At Last.  He got so excited that he requested to show his friends how the book will look like. Well, how can Mommy say no to this sweet little scamp? 
What he doesn’t know is, this is just a prelude to the up-coming series “The Mis-Adventures Of Chance”. Mommy and Auntie Charlotte who wrote the book, will surprise him again as soon as his next book will come out of the press. It will be an enjoyable reading experience for both moms, dads, and little kids!