When Chance looks serious, beware! Something’s running in his mind.
Like this…

CHANCE: Mommie, I am an orphan?

MOMMIE: Huh??? (Oh, boy! this was unexpected…)

CHANCE: Mommie! I ask…I am an orphan?

MOMMIE: and what exactly is an orphan, Chance?

CHANCE: Ummm…I think someone whose mommy and daddy went to heaven and they come back no more?

MOMMIE: Ok, so…why did you ask if you’re an orphan?

CHANCE: Because, mommie…I saw on tel’vision ‘bout this baby girl from China who was adopted from the or…orph…nage. Like her, I’m adopted too, right?

MOMMIE: Yes, Chance. Mommie adopted you when you were a little baby. And mommie loved you so much, just like my own little boy ever since I held you in my arms and kissed you for the very first time. So, you’re not an orphan anymore, because you have mommie.

CHANCE: Uh, huh!…and I ride in a big airplane? and my birth certificate got lost but you get me another one? and you love me just the same even if I’m adopted, right?

MOMMIE: Yes, Chance. Mommie loves you so much, from the moon and back, forever and ever.

CHANCE: I love you more, mommie. Like… a lot a lot!!!



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