When Chance looks serious, beware! Something’s running in his mind.
Like this…

CHANCE: Mommie, I am an orphan?

MOMMIE: Huh??? (Oh, boy! this was unexpected…)

CHANCE: Mommie! I ask…I am an orphan?

MOMMIE: and what exactly is an orphan, Chance?

CHANCE: Ummm…I think someone whose mommy and daddy went to heaven and they come back no more?

MOMMIE: Ok, so…why did you ask if you’re an orphan?

CHANCE: Because, mommie…I saw on tel’vision ‘bout this baby girl from China who was adopted from the or…orph…nage. Like her, I’m adopted too, right?

MOMMIE: Yes, Chance. Mommie adopted you when you were a little baby. And mommie loved you so much, just like my own little boy ever since I held you in my arms and kissed you for the very first time. So, you’re not an orphan anymore, because you have mommie.

CHANCE: Uh, huh!…and I ride in a big airplane? and my birth certificate got lost but you get me another one? and you love me just the same even if I’m adopted, right?

MOMMIE: Yes, Chance. Mommie loves you so much, from the moon and back, forever and ever.

CHANCE: I love you more, mommie. Like… a lot a lot!!!




CHANCE: Mommie, what is a birth certificate?

MOMMIE: (surprised of the question, but she answered him anyway) A birth certificate is a piece of paper that is made when a baby is born. It is a proof that everything about him or her is in that paper.

CHANCE: Like…my name, the day and the place where I was born, your name, and…and…the name of my daddie too?

MOMMIE: Yes, Chance. That’s all written there.

CHANCE: Mommie, do I have a birth certificate? Can I see it?

MOMMIE: (choosing the right words so a toddler could understand) Chance, when you came to mommie, and when I saw you for the first time, I instantly fell in love with you. All mommie did was to hold you close to my heart. I did not even think of looking for your birth certificate. It might got lost when you ride in the airplane. But you know what? Everything about you is written here, in mommie’s heart.

CHANCE: (although somewhat disappointed) It’s ok, mommie. It is just a piece of paper. It can get lost, or get wet in the rain, or blown away by the wind. I know that everything about me, they are all written in your heart, and will never get lost.

MOMMIE: That’s right, Chance. You will always be in mommie’s heart. And everyday, mommie will write some more about you, and keep it inside my heart so it will not get lost.

CHANCE: I love you, mommie!




On a rainy afternoon, Chance and I were patiently sitting in the car, waiting for the traffic to move, when he saw a guy at the curbside holding a sign.

CHANCE: Mommie, what does the sign say?

MOMMIE: It says “I’m hungry. Please help. Hobo”

CHANCE: What is a Hobo?

MOMMIE: A Hobo is another word for homeless.

CHANCE: You mean he does not have a home?

MOMMIE: Yes, Chance. That’s what it means.

CHANCE: Oh, boy! Help him, mommie! Give him money now. He needs to go to McDonald’s and eat. He will get wet in the rain if he stay there.

I took some dollar bills that I kept in the car, called the guy, and handed some dollar bills to him. With a grateful smile on his face, he said: Thank you. God Bless you!

CHANCE: (flashing his innocent angelic smile) See, Mommie! God bless us today! We got to give money and food if we see another Hobo!

(Oh, boy! My philanthropist little rascal is taking on a responsibility. Lol!)